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This single application provides functionality normally requiring multiple services. The following will show you how this easy-to-use integrated tool gives you the benefits of multiple tools at a reduced price without your having to learn multiple applications.

3 Tools in One

  • Project Management - to keep all your projects on track and be sure nothing falls through the cracks
  • CRM - Find new clients and nurture your client relationships
  • Time Tracking - keeps track of time you spend on projects so that you maximize your invoiced time.

Improve Project Success

Successful projects have several things in common:

    • Clearly defined expectations
    • Visibility into what everyone is working on and how they are progressing with their portion of the project.
    • Automation of non-value added work​
    • Consistent processes

StrategicRM has several different ways to look at your projects. In the view to the right, you can see everything related to the project in one place...the project definition, dates, tasks, documents, and notes are all in one place so no time is wasted looking for anything related to this project.

Another view shows you a list of the projects and allows you to see the most important information about all of your projects and see which ones are at risk.

There is also a list of tasks where you can see all of your tasks independent of the project they are related to. These tasks can be filtered or sorted by many parameters including the project, client, due date, and more. The task list makes it easy to see what you need to focus on at any given time and helps to ensure that no task fall through the cracks. This means fewer fires to fight and less stress, not to mention happier clients who get their work delivered on time.​

Amp Up Your Sales with CRM

In order to grow your business, you must constantly be bringing in new clients. This customer relationship management functionality will help you keep track of your interactions with your clients and prospects. 

In addition to the standard information about your clients, you can add documents, and an unlimited amount of contact information for each contact and company.​ All of your notes, meetings, and miscellaneous information can be accessed from a contact record. Everything is in one place.

Don't Lose Out on Billable Time

According to a study by Altman Weil, if time is not entered until the end of the day, 10% of the billable time will be missed on average. That can add up to a lot of money.

StrategicRM provides timer functionality, so that every time you start and end an activity, you start and stop the timer. It is web based, so you can be away from the office and still log your hours real time. By doing this, the increased billable time easily pays for your investment in StrategicRM.

If you forget to set the timer, you can still enter a manual timesheet.​

Project Template Detail

Improve Efficiency with Project Templates

If you do many projects with a similar workflow, you can set up a project template. Then when you have a new project come in, one click adds a whole new set of tasks with any information you have added to help someone doing the task understand what needs to be done.

This way, all of your projects are done consistently resulting in greater efficiency. This also means that you can hand off the project to someone else and they will be able to complete the project according to your expectations.

If you look at the example to the left, you can see a project template and the information that you can reuse as part of the template.

User Friendly and Cost Effective

StrategicRM was conceived to address the two major pain points for most business software. Firstly, they are over-complicated; and require figuring out how to get them to exchange information and secondly, they are expensive. Don’t waste your time sifting through unnecessary, never-to-be-used functionality. Don’t be hit by hefty set-up fees, and only pay for the functionality and number of users you need. Let StrategicRM streamline and simplify your business processes today.


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