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Simple workflow and client management functionality reduces costly admin time and results in happier clients. 

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Benefits of StrategicRM?

Proven Efficency

StrategicRM is designed to make your processes more efficient. For example, the ability to use project templates allows you to set up complex projects in seconds.

Increase Sales 29%

StrategicRM has powerful CRM functionality. Research shows that CRM delivers a return of investment of 560% and increases sales by up to 29%.

Retain Clients

StrategicRM keeps you on top of the detail, so your clients won’t move on to competitors with more effective processes. Manual systems or multiple applications cobbled together allow details to fall through the cracks.

Save Money 

StrategicRM is a web-based application with no set-up fee and you only pay for the users you need. This is a more cost-effective solution than other accounting practice management systems or using multiple applications to meet varied needs.

Get More Done

Since all work is added to the system and allocated to the responsible individual, everyone should always know what they have to do next. There should be no sitting around waiting for a manager to tell everyone what they need to do. As well as saving management time, the manager has full visibility into what is getting accomplished and the health of all projects.

Capture More Revenue

StrategicRM has built-in time tracking that can be tied to clients and projects, so employees are more likely to log accurate working hours. The timer is accessible online, so it doesn’t matter if you are away from the office. This means fewer billable hours are missed when it comes time to generate invoices.

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